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There are three qualities that make for a great lawyer: knowledge of the law, experience getting results for clients, and treating every client with dignity and respect. The attorneys at the Steidle Law Firm have a record of results possessing all of these qualities. Lead attorney, David Steidle has been an advocate for the people of Virginia since 2003, serving as both a prosecutor and public defender. We have a reputation for taking care of people and always doing what’s right for our clients.

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Pre-Existing Conditions


Many injured workers are concerned that a pre-existing condition will prevent them from obtaining an Award of Workers’ compensation benefits.   However, if you can prove that a compensable, accidental injury at work has aggravated, accelerated, or exacerbated at pre-existing conditions, and this has caused a new disability for work, workers’ compensation benefits may be awarded. 


While these types of injuries can be the basis for an award of compensation and medical expenses, insurance carriers will often dispute them.  If you are dealing with an aggravation of a pre-existing condition due to workplace injury, feel free to give us a call.

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Divorce can be difficult. If you are considering separation or going through a divorce, you should speak with an attorney. There are a number of different factors that go into a Court’s decision concerning your property, your finances, and the custody of the children. Whether you are seeking a divorce based on your spouse’s actions or simply due to you and your spouse no longer being compatible with each other, the process can be overwhelming without the help of an experienced family law attorney.

Child Custody

Child Custody and Visitation matters can be complicated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Court must take into account at all times the children’s best interest when determining custody and visitation Orders. Both parents have a right to have a relationship with their children, just as the child has the fundamental right to connect and associate with both parents. There are many factors in each case that the Court must consider when deciding the most appropriate custody and schedule for each child.



Alimony, also known as spousal support, is usually a monthly or one-time lump sum payment from one spouse to another in the event of separation or divorce. Alimony is awarded in situations where one spouse’s financial needs exceed their ability to support those needs in the same manner that they were met during the duration of the marriage. There are several statutory factors in the Commonwealth of Virginia that help the Court determine if spousal support is appropriate, and how much should be awarded. You should have the assistance of an attorney to help you determine if you may be eligible for an alimony award, and how much you can anticipate to receive.

Child Support


Each parent has a financial obligation to support his or her child. A child support petition can be filed, and the Court will be tasked with determining which parent should pay the other support, and how much. While the Court is required to follow statutory child support guidelines, an experienced family law attorney can help you ascertain gross income, health care credits, work related childcare credits, and other factors to either increase or decrease a child support obligation. 


Child support orders are modifiable with a change of circumstances and once a child support order has been entered, it must be modified by a Court, even when both parties have agreed to a decrease in obligation.



Adoption is a complicated area of law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are many types of Adoptions in the Commonwealth, and many steps that must be completed before a child can be adopted. It is very important that every statutory requirement is met so that an Adoption can be successfully Ordered. The adoptive parent is taking permanent legal rights and responsibilities of a natural parent, while the natural parent is losing (either voluntarily or involuntarily) legal rights. There is nothing more important than achieving permanency for a child through Adoption.

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